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V78alhmkAncient Indian Cities are mostly known for Ruins in Hampitheir rich culture and diversity.  Further, a glimpse of the history of ancient India can be obtained from the ancient Indian Cities. These ancient cities of India are now popular places of archaeological tourism. 7660f65ba0aaa89de6658c439b1dd027

Ancient Indian Cities reveal facts about the different civilisations of the country.


Ancient Indian Cities in Medieval Era53abf8d22f381a4a938cc17a6cb758bc
Ancient Indian cities have been described to belong to that bunch, which had existed before the arrival of Islam into India, precisely prior to the 8th century.

Ancient Cities in Modern India
Some of the modern Indian cities have verilygrown upon the ruins of the ancient cities in 2014-11-26 16 38 36.989000India.

Aror is located 8 kilometres east of Rohri in present day Sindh, Pakistan. It had served as the ancient capital of Sindh and was once located on the banks of Indus River.index

Kannauj was one of the most beautiful…

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