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Beaches of Mangalore allures the inland and outland tourists, as the beaches are isolated, where one can get the comfort in the sea beach.Mlr






Beaches of Mangalore are rocky and rugged. Some of the most poplar beaches of Mangalore are Someshwara Beach, Ullal Beach, Panambur, Surathkal beach, Sasihithlu beach and Tannirbhavi Beach.

o_1522923580tSomeshwara Beach
The most untouched and rocky beach facing the Kanara region is nine kilometres to the south of Mangalore, and half kilometres from the Someshwara Bus stand.

UntitledTannirbhavi Beach
Tannirbhavi Beach is located in Panambur. Tannirbhavi Beach is 10 kilometres to the north of the city, near the New Mangalore Port and along the confluence of the Gurupur River and the Arabian Sea.

Sunrise_at_Malpe_BeachMalpe Beach
Malpe Beach is about 60 kilometres to the north. Tannirbhavi Beach can be reached by the local express buses. Also there is a small island of the…

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