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Cow – As an Economic Partner!

Cow is believed to have emerged from ‘Samudramanthan’. She is revered as a Godess by Hindus since Vedic Era because only ‘gives’ since birth to her death. She can help alleviate #Rural Poverty!

A Cow can continue to give us 2-4 KG #BIOGAS per day and can run a rurul kitchen for 10 days.

Its urine can work as a pesticide and insecticides if it is combined with Neem leaf or ‘Nimboli’

It is very effective’s alternatives to chemical fertilizers by enhancing productivity in long term with maintaining the soil health and enhances the microbial population.
Cowdung manure increases Soil’s organic matter, water holding capacity

Most rural population cannot afford conventional sand-cement mixture.
The ‘building blocks’ using Cow dung is low cost, resistant to water and durable.
It maintains thermal comfort (inhouse -temperature)

To promote #sustainable#selfreliant growth in #grams#Cow can play a vital role in #agroeconomics.

The total Economic Value of a cow (inc. value of its horns, skins) is close to crore INR.

With close to 15 Crores Cows, the economic value of Sacred COW is sizeable to GDP!!

Manure helps reduction in Water use for farming and natural food for Earthworm.
Fertilisers kill Earthworm! which otherwise would help rain water seepage of water by converting land into productive soil.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

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