Solar – New Sustainable International Energy

Energy in various forms has been keeping entire Universe in motion. various names are given as mechanical, Kinetic, renewable energy, potential energy, wind, nuclear energy.

All types of energy has drawn their present condition from Sun in one form or the other. Fossil fuel, Crude oil etc. Except for all renewable energy source, all energy sources are going to vanish sooner or later. It is estimated that we have drawn almost ____% of through extraction of oil wells, Coal, Forests. They constitute ___ % of our present energy needs. What next when we have extracted all of these energy source.

It is estimated that Sun produces ___ jules of energy of which Earth receives ___ Jules,The energy gets reflected due to environment and heat is trapped due to green house. The energy so received by Earth is capable of feeding 100 earth’s

The world electricity consumption in 2018 was 25000 TWh and estimated 8000 billion litre petrol consumption in world is equivalent ot ~72000TWh. This makes our total energy requirement to 100,000 TWh. One Squre Meter SOLAR Panel is capable of generating 150-200 Watts Per Hour. If we discount it by seasonality factor and available day time the per hour generation becomes 29 Watts. One Square miles of Solar Panel is capable of generating 0.029 TWh. To meet Total Energy Demand we will need appx 2% of available land surface of 197 Million Square Kilometer on earth.

We observe that daily Sunlight is able to cater energy needs of 50 earths. The major hinderances are the CAPEX and T&D Costs.

We will need an installed capacity of 11.415 TW to feed world energy demand of 2018. At current cost of 0.75$ per Watt the total CAPEX need is approximately 8.6 Trillion Dollars.


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