Kamasutra aka Vatsyayana is not Pōrñ as projected
A thread by Rapper Pandit

Ekatma Manava Darshan

A wonderful blog explaining how four Purusharts of #SanatanaDharma existence comprising, Arth, Kaama, Dharma

Pingala & Fibonnaci

Pingala & Fibonnaci Series

A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar 🇮🇳 n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @TonyPannWBAL ji. Since you are talking about the “gorgeous sequence” I being an “Indian Architect” couldn’t hold back but to share India’s contribution in originating it. Read this thread👇🏼 Tony Pann ✔@TonyPannWBAL It’s 11/23 or 1123. #FibonacciDay . The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers where every […]

An Earth Letter to Human !

THINK while we take a break!! As #COVID__19 is to Human; Human are to NatureThink of Nature was to find vaccine for itself of infestation by us ‘The Human Being’. EARTH letter to Human👇 With 8 Billion, and still counting, you have caused severe damage to me. 2/n#Deforestation has been major cause of disturbing my other family members […]

Sounds of the Sun

Nasa recorded, compressed and conversed SUN sounds. Astonishingly, it ressembles to Hindu word “OUM”

Harrappans were Vedic and didn;t ate Beef

A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar Sadar Pranam to the God within you @HartoshSinghBal ji. You are absolutely wrong. It’s a false claim that ancient Indians ate beef & Harappans weren’t Vedic. Read thread 👇🏼& you may respond in your full capacity. Cc @Sanjay_Dixit @sankrant @ShefVaidya @RituRathaur @TajinderBaggaHartosh Singh Bal@HartoshSinghBal the harappans ate beef, the vedic people ate beef. any one laying claims to […]

By Govardhan -, Public Domain,

Why Akbar was not desirable

A thread by Aabhas Maldahiyar 🇮🇳 n #SadarPranam @Javedakhtarjadu ji. I don’t think my MP @Tejasvi_Surya needs to worry about Huns or Vikings but surely by likes of Akbar. I explain how, in this thread. U may respond should you have enough substance.Javed Akhtar✔@JavedakhtarjaduReplying to @vivekagnihotri Don’t you know that Akbar and many of us are from the same school and […]


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